NATURAL STONE DISCLAIMER: Buyer acknowledges that stone is a natural substance, formed within the earth, and that different types of stone, as well as individual stones within any given type, may vary in texture, color, thickness, density, durability or fitness for a particular use or purpose. Because natural stone may chip, peel, flake, bleed, stain, oxidize or otherwise deteriorate over time, all of these attributes should be considered when using stone, especially in any exterior application subject to moisture. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has no control over Buyer’s selection or use of any stone, and that exposure to weather, installation techniques or preservative measures used by Buyer or its installer all may affect the long-term performance and durability of any stone selected and/or installed by Buyer. Ice-melting salt and other ice-melting products adversely affect natural stone. We recommend that you DO NOT use these products on or near natural stone. Especially in the case of cut natural stone (patterned, steps, etc.), we recommend using a stone sealer to assist with durability and longevity. Buyer’s purchase of stone from Seller constitutes Buyer’s acknowledgment of the above, and acceptance of the risks inherent in the use and installation of this natural substance and a waiver of any and all claims which Buyer may have against Seller arising from the chipping, etching, flaking, staining, bleeding, oxidation, or other deterioration of this natural substance.

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